Haviz Maha x Gud RnD, This Artwork was exhibited in Taman Budaya Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Title : TERRAFORMING PLASTIC SHIFT 2862
Media : Open Lab, Virtual Reality, Game, Found object, Plastic trash and Video Year : 2023



This work takes us into a future simulation where plastic usage has surpassed the Earth’s capacity. We are currently in a time when human activities significantly impact and alter our ecosystem. The increased production of plastic and environmental damage are tangible evidence of the significant impact resulting from human actions. In this future simulation, we can observe how our dependence on plastic has drastically transformed human life, influencing how we build, interact, and live our daily lives.

One notable impact is on indigenous communities that are gradually adopting plastic use in their traditional activities in Nusa Tenggara Barat. For example, water that was once stored in natural containers like containers made from soursop and gourd are now replaced with plastic jugs. Even traditional donation baskets, which previously used natural materials, now incorporate plastic. Various agricultural products that were once wrapped in banana leaves are now encased in plastic. Challenges arising include economic impacts, where handcrafted products used in traditional and daily activities are being replaced by plastic due to cost considerations. On the other hand, plastic manufacturers continue to produce relentlessly, and regulations that should restrict them are inadequate. Awareness among plastic manufacturers to reduce their production and implement better regulations has not yet been realized. Despite the convenience technology brings with plastic use, we must be aware of the significant future impacts.

In this work, we present a simulation of human life adapting to plastic use and conduct an open lab with the community in Nusa Tenggara Barat to reflect on living with plastic. We also create a web project that runs and continuously calculates the accumulation of plastic waste in the year 2862 if production from manufacturers continues to grow without proper regulations and restrictions on plastic seed production until it becomes consumed by the population.

We showcase simulated life in the present and the future, calculating it through virtual reality that simulates threat scenarios formulated through simulated space physics depicting life with plastic. Chat GPT assists in calculating the unit weight of mass plastic production in the future, while the open lab reflects the present critical stance of the community towards manufacturers and the consumer’s attitude towards plastic maintenance. GudRnD practices are employed as experimental practices to examine the spatial positions of building, interacting, and daily life in engineering and experimentation.