This Artwork was exhibited at National Gallery of indonesia “Five Passages to The Future” Title : #Education Project, Ocean of Empathy Media : Instalation interactive Digital, Video and educational project Year : 2020


#Education Project,2020

Seventy percent of Indonesian territory is comprised of seas. However, the marine ecosystems are increasingly threatened due to pollution that happens and ends up in the seas. The artist attempts to raise awareness on the impact of pollution towards marine ecosystems and nurture empathy for marine lives, especially among children who are the next generations. This project results from the artist’s teaching project, where he taught children age 5-12 in West and East Jakarta about sustainability. In the project, children were asked to create drawings of marine animals and share their imaginations about the wildlife in the polluted Indonesian seas. The artist then turned these drawings into an interactive digital simulation that visualizes the impact of pollution towards the marine ecosystem. Empathy becomes a key element as the foundation for caring and direct actions. This simulation aims to be an early education tool about sustainability to initiate behaviour change towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

#Education Project, Ocean of Empathy