This Artwork was Presented in Indonesia Kaya Gallery, Jakarta “Wartakala” Title : Excavation Anomali Media : Instalation, apps based on touchcsreen Year : 2019



“The significance of historical sites extends beyond their historical value; they hold great educational potential. The exploration involves not only understanding their history but also recognizing the importance of their forms. This text delves into how the process of digital recording becomes crucial in interpreting a historical site, considering the scale, perspective, and texture. Analyzing the digital representation of captured artifacts becomes a distinct archive, offering educational insights into the anomalies within. The operations revisit aspects that we can learn, ranging from the anatomy to the behavioral forms of cultural and historical sites in Indonesia.

Capturing sites through digitalization offers an archive, acknowledging that the current forms will inevitably differ in the future. This can serve as an educational tool, potentially developed through video games and virtual museums. Digital archives allow a retrospective look at what lacks in the preservation of ancient sites, ensuring that even if they change, the archive preserves the original colors and forms digitally for future educational content.

The concept of multitouch works with apps and a digitally shaped hole, representing the idea of exploration, operation, and dissection of archived sculptures. Digital education plays a role by allowing individuals to play while seeking information within the hole. The audience not only witnesses a massive display but actively seeks specific sculptures within the hole. This engages curiosity, encouraging a deep exploration of historical knowledge and the forms of sculptures through the act of dissecting and operating.”