Hafiz Maha


My main artistic focus revolves around fostering interactivity between art and the audience, achieved through mediums such as games, animation, Virtual Reality and other interactive forms of media. As an educator and a member of Serrum, and now part of Gudskul (Ruang Rupa, Serrum, and GHH) — an artist community dedicated to art education — I consistently connect my art to Exploring the intersection of humanity and pedagogy between future thinking and technology, I aim to create a virtual space that navigates the evolving dynamics of these elements.


Muhamad Hafiz was born in Tangerang, Indonesia, in 1993 and currently resides and works in both Jakarta and Tangerang. He completed his studies in the Department of Fine Art Education at the State University of Jakarta (UNJ) in 2018. As a member of Gudskul and Serrum, a Jakarta-based artist community with a focus on art education, he serves as a videographer and animator, sparking his interest in media and technology. In 2016, Muhamad Hafiz and his friends established Sinema Kolekan, a research unit within Jakarta 32, a student art festival. Through this unit, they explore audiovisual artworks created by students, organize discussions, and develop an archive.


2023 Grant from Indonesiana, Ministry of Cultural and Education for Inovation artworks “Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelegence On archiving Krisna Murti”

2020 As Artistic , tour Metropolitan Feelings , Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Tokyo.

2018 Artist Residence on Explore new media art incubation, Arcolabs and HONF at Jakarta and Yogyakarta

2018 Performance Visual Mapping with interactive art, Flesh III at New Mutants

2017 Talk New Media art through media augmented reality work, Global Entrepreneurship Community summit 2017 at Twin Tower building, Kuala Lumpur

2017 Performance Visual mapping with interactive art, Mystery Kitchen Vol. 4 at New Mutants

2016 Performance Visual Mapping, Festival Jakarta 32 at Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem

2014 Movie Maker, Kurikulab Exhibition at Gallery Cipta 2

2013 Mural Tag “reformasi dibajak Korupsi” Transparency International Indonesia

2013 Panitia Kartini Exhibition with 7 High School Fine Art at Jakartastate University

2013 Panitia Jakarta Bienale 2013 Siasat

2013 Workshop Video from selection Indonesian Coruption Watch

2012 Video Stencil Project Suported by Kabin


Selected Exhibitions

2023 Selected Exhibition FKSM ( Forum Komunitas Seni Media) 2023 at Taman Budaya Mataram , Nusa Tenggara barat , Ministry of Cultural and Education Indonesia

2022 Temujalar, as member Gudskul focusing in multimedia, Documenta Fifteen, at Fridericianum

2021 Pancaran Citra Lokal, at Selasar Sunaryo

2020 Five Passage Exhibition, at National Gallery of Indonesia 

2019 Wartakala Exhibition at Indonesia kaya Gallery

2018 Artist Workshop Nandur Srawung #5 “Bebrayan”, work in Survive Garage and Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

2018 Artist Residence Exhibition on Explore new media art incubation, Arcolabs and HONF at Jakarta and Yogyakarta

2017 Sorrygraph Postcard printmaking Exhibition at Hall A1 Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem (Gudskul)

2017 Curator student Film “Milenialis abis” & “nilai-nilai positif” at Forum Sinema

2017 Bertegur sapa bertukar karya exhibition at Hall A4 Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem (Gudskul)

2016 Curator student Film “Imitasi” in Festival Jakarta 32 Derajat.

2016 244×122 Ekstrakurikulab Exhibition at Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem (Gudskul).

2015 Festival Jakarta 32 Derajat at Kota Tua.

2015 O.K Video Media Art Festival , New Orba, at National Gallery of Indonesia

2014 Mini Art Project 15x15x15 cm Fine Art Exhibition at Gallery Soemardja.

2014 “Bertukar sapa bertukar karya” Exhibition at Gallery Serrum.

2013 tribute to EyangRoesdalFine Art Exhibition at Lobby Education of art department Jakarta State University

2013 ACT#2 Fine Art Exhibition by Kopi Keliling colaboration with PEPA at KedaiTjikini

2013 “Saatnyaberaksi” Exhibition, Festival Indonesian Youth Conference at Wisma Nusantara

2013 Leumpayangan – PasarsenenFine Art Exhibition at Gallerycipta 2 Taman Ismail Marzuki

2012 Sama Rata Sama Rasa Fine Art Exhibition at Jakarta State University